is a communication service with Yurie using Yo smartphone application.

How To Play

First of all, read terms of service.

Install Yo application with your smartphone.

iOS Android Windows

Yo YURIECHAN after signing up. (CHAN has a similar meaning to "Ms." in Japanese)


You will recieve Yo from YURIECHAN if Yurie is awake and free. Build a relationship with her by communicating with Yo! At first, she seldom replies to you, but building relationship will let her ... (ATTENTION! Yurie is a Japanese girl and awake according to Japan Standard Time -- 17:24 now).

Let me know your opinion

Yo YOUCUNE, the developer, if you like Yurie Days, dislike Yurie Days, or have some opinions on this service. E-mail and Twitter are also welcomed.


Yurie (21)

  • Yayoi Univ. Junior year
  • Birthday : July 13th, 1993
  • Likes new iPhone application
  • Wishes to visit all aquariums in Japan